Sins and Smiles
Candy Concert on a Roller Coaster.

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Human '94


Vintage. Circus. Candyland. Joshua Ryan Hutcherson. Logan Wade Lerman. Damian Joseph McGinty. Leighton Marissa Meester. Dianna Elise Agron. Megan Denise Fox. Final Fantasy. 90's cartoons. 90's Nick and Disney. Johnny's Entertainment. SM Entertainment. Indie. Pop Rock. Punk Rock. Alternative. Classic Rock. Original Pilipino Rock Music. Books & TV Shows & Comics & Films. Basketball. Bass Guitar. Paint Brush.

Brick freakin' Rowdyruff.

Riker Anthony. Rydel Mary. Rocky Mark.
Ross Shor. Ellington Lee. & Ryland Michael.

5T4S, yo.

Don’t call us freaks!

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Stars never pay.

Evan Peters + American Horror Story first appearances

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Hi I’m Jimmy. Jimmy Darling.

Come here, baby.

Don’t worry. I don’t bite.

Don’t worry. I don’t bite.