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Title: Paris Nights
Pairing(s): Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey, Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura, Allison & Lydia friendship, Isaac & Lydia friendship
Series: Part 1/? of Payback of the Souls
Summary: Two weeks in at her stay in Paris, and she already missed Beacon Hills. Two weeks and three days in, she looked outside her window and saw him standing, looking like a little lost puppy.
Author’s Note:So basically I’m still not over Allison’s death. And I obviously never will be. So I made this series as kind of a retelling of Season 4. Or actually, in simple terms, this is what would happen in Season 4 if I had wrote it instead. It’s heavily Allisaac-centric but the other couples will be more evident later on. Hope you enjoy! (Un-beta’d, btw. So if you see any mistakes, sorryyyyyyy!)
Link: Here (AO3)



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hey friend

dont kill yourself tonight ok

you have a really pretty smile and i know its not always easy to manage one but itd be a bummer if we never had the chance to see it ever again

youre really important and you matter a lot so stay safe and try and have a nice sleep

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It is keeping me alive

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Okay but did anyone else notice Lydia flicking off the Eichen House worker


Okay but did anyone else notice Lydia flicking off the Eichen House worker

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Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue.(x)

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Stydia in 4x06

I’ll stand up with you f o r e v e r.
                         I’ll be there for you through it all.